Living in a healthy home should be your birthright... not something you sacrifice in the name of mega-corporation profits.

I remember like it was yesterday... several chronic autoimmune and neurological disorders plagued my 20s. Seizures, low blood pressure spells causing random fainting, strokes, muscle weakness, chronic migraines, confusion, depression, and anxiety. My health took a very sudden turn for the worse that caused me to lose my military career, most of my friendships, my relationships, and my self-identity. 

I spent nearly a decade wishing for death. After seeing 32 different specialists at a variety of veterans hospitals all over the US, the consensus was to enjoy what little limited abilities I had because I wouldn't live to see 30. The final straw for me was sitting in the emergency room with a failing liver and pancreas, listening to my neurologist scream at me to stop seeking help because no one would be able to help me, and I needed to just hurry up and die. 

Sounds dramatic, but it was just what I needed to give myself permission to do something drastic. I changed my eating habits, gardening most of my produce myself. I witnessed such massive success just by changing my food, noticing my seizures decrease from an average of 6 each day to 2 in a week. That made me wonder... if so much yuck is in our food preventing our bodies from healing, what about the products in our home? 

And that is where I learned how your skin absorbs everything put on it. And whatever you put on your skin ends up in your blood stream in under 30 seconds. Plus, what you breathe in ends up in your blood stream even faster. I always thought our household products were tested and approved by some sort of regulation... but I was wrong. This sent me on a mission to use my military-trained research skills and conduct a deep dive into finding the truth about what products are available in stores to find out whether or not they were truly healthy... and the results were mind-boggling.

The result: I trashed over $500 worth of products (which was painful considering that was more than half of my monthly income), and replaced them with healthy options. 3 months later, on September 19, 2013 I had my very last seizure. Subsequently, I've regained strength, my blood pressure improved, my fainting stopped, I started walking again without needing assistance, my migraines stopped, and I started on a journey to healing my mental wellness.

Since then, I've coached over 200 families through the process of making healthy lifestyle shifts and replacing harmful products in their homes, and seeing very similar results to my own.

It's time to ditch the toxins secretly dragging you down

While logic tells us that products containing harmful ingredients should not be allowed to be sold to the public, especially without proper safety testing and standards, there are unfortunately legal loopholes that allows the use of over 2,000 known harmful chemicals to be used in your household cleaner, personal care products, hair care products, and cosmetics. Even when companies tell us they're "all natural" or "green." 

In fact, not all chemicals are even required to be listed on the ingredients label! And many of them are silently reeking havoc on your mind and body...

- Infertility

- Cancer

- Thyroid problems

- Endocrine and hormone problems

- Moodiness

- Sleep troubles

- Unexplained health issues

- Neurological issues

-... and more...

If you're experiencing a variety of health issues, stubborn weight gain, or other "unexplained" health ailments, then it is time to consider making some simple lifestyle shifts and start using healthier products in your home. 

Ditching harmful products in your home (or office) doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, but learning what you need to know can feel overwhelming at first, especially with there being such a large amount of conflicting information clogging the internet making the learning process take so much longer than it realistically should.  

Instead of spending your time combing through the internet to find the truth, I'm here to share with you over a decade of research and placed here in one easy to read course where the research is done for you and explained in a simple way so together we can go on a journey learning labeling laws, how to identify which products in your home may be harmful to your health, and ways to replace those products using simple DIY recipes or vetted non-DIY options.

A Healthier Home for A Happier Life... what you'll learn:

Buyer Beware: learn how to navigate legal false label and marketing claims

Understanding hidden ingredients on product labels

Learn which chemicals to avoid, and how to identify them on product labels

Untold secrets of "health" products and "wellness companies"

Simple, inexpensive DIY recipes to use for replacing products

Which non-DIY products we recommend

Healthy fabrics to use for clothes and linens

Simple ways to save money while getting healthier

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